Who We Are ?

Kalaimagal Bus Service

Kalaimagal – a Premier Transportation Company located in Coimbatore City, TamilNadu, India. From daily sightseeing to private charters and corporate shuttles, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get you going in the right direction. It provides daily transportation between Coimbatore and nearby suburban cities. Kalaimagal is well known for its regularly scheduled passenger service which in other words called as Mofussil buses, the company also provides a number of other services for its customers like Tourism across India, Shuttle services to multi-national corporate companies and educational institutions which includes both schools and colleges.

Majority of the buses are Ashok Leyland make with a modern, environmentally friendly fleet which provides safe, enjoyable and affordable travel across India. Kalaimagal Transport offers value-priced same-day and early-next-day package delivery to thousands of destinations starting from Coimbatore. Kalaimagal also offers charter packages for businesses, conventions, schools and other groups at  very competitive rates. Check out the tourism section for more details and contact information.

The initial route was plyed from Coimbatore to Kallipatti through Annur – Puliyampatti –Sathy from the year 1983. Later, the ever famous route from Coimbatore to Palani Murugan Temple was started on 21.5.1998 via Pollachi – Udumalaipet. Operating at peak time, we assure to offer safe, on-time and a relaxed travel to all our passengers. From the year 2003, 6 November another route from Coimbatore to Sathy was set to run via Annur and Puliyampatti. All these buses have dedicated seats for women, elder people and for passengers with disabilities. But don’t bother much about this as our bus main conductors and second conductors will assist you to your desired seats. They are always ready to give you a hand with baggage as well as help passengers to get on and off the bus at the bus stations without a second thought. Feel free to ask for help during the trip, especially if you want to get off the bus during a stop. Just let the driver or any of the two available conductors beforehand so it helps us serve you better. We have acquired the perfect timings for the travelers to get the perfect connecting buses at each stops which ensures your distant journeys don’t take more time waiting at bus stations.


Whether it’s visiting  relatives, friends or close family, getting to work or wandering around the world, travel is a part of people’s everyday lives. And, thanks to the changes in mobility, people have more options for sustainable, safe, reliable and affordable transportation these days.


We only stop at the major bus stops and most popular destinations; making less stops gets you to your final destination just as fast as if you were driving. However, since you are not the one at the wheel, you are able to catch up on work (or power naps) on your way to your destination.


We provide reliable, nimble and competitive contract services that drive productivity, satisfaction and ROI. So let’s get to work, shall we?

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